Jared Kushner Has A Secret Instagram

Jared Kushner Has A Secret Instagram

Friday, 31 March 2017
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Albeit, an old, lame as, never updated Instagram. But hey – it’s true all the same. Back in the day, before Jared shed his real estate empire in favor of running round Washington, picking up the tossed toys of an angry toddler, Ivanka used to tag @jaredckushner in her gag-me sweet posts.

While he may make frequent appearances on his wife’s feed, Mr. Kushner certainly isn’t bound for any social media stardom of his own, his last post being some 92 weeks ago. Take a look at the four photos Jared just had to share with his 6,599 followers, and get a bit more insight into the voice of the powerful man we oddly never hear from. Or not. He’s not the biggest caption person.

[Photos via @jaredckushner, cover photo via Getty]


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