Radio Shack Concertmate Moog lower octave mod not working

Thursday, 15 June 2017
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Hey, I know this doesn’t get much play around here nowadays, but I tried doing the octave mod drop on my Realistic Concertmate Moog (for some reason the forum won’t let me use the model number), both by trying the switch method and the resistor replacement, based on what I ‘ve seen at the Moog forums and MuffWiggler. I’ve followed directions, tried various resistors from 50-70k, and no luck. Most of them just modify it by a half-step to a whole step… I even tried some really low ones. Even ones that come close, I wasn’t even able to remotely adjust the tuning/scale and have it work. Going through the forums, there also seems to be some dispute as to which resistor is even responsible, as the mod thread says R2/R28, yet seen other posts that say it is R4/R5, and should be replaced with 2meg resistors.My plan was to put both the original values and the new ones on a switch, take the resistor off the board, and send the wires to both ends of the resistor holes on the board. I know it will work, but I can’t do that if I don’t know which resistors to replace, and with what. I’ve spent hours on this. Anyone help? THanks.

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