Nintendo Will Close the Wii Shop in January 2019

Nintendo Will Close the Wii Shop in January 2019

Friday, 29 September 2017
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After 11 years of business, Nintendo announced today it would be closing the Wii Shop – the online market place for the company’s Wii console – on January 30th, 2019.

Nintendo launched the Wii Shop back in November 2006, meaning by the time in closes in 2019 it’ll have been operational for more than 13 years. This marks the first major machine from the seventh generation of consoles to close its virtual store. As of writing, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 still have fully-functioning online marketplaces. While Sony and Microsoft have only launched one system since the seventh generation, Nintendo’s released two – the Wii U and Nintendo Switch – making the Wii two generations behind its competitors. 

Wii users will still be able to receive Wii points until March 26th, 2018, and will still be able to make purchases until January 30th of the following year. After which Nintendo “will be closing all services related to the Wii Shop Channel, including re-downloading purchased WiiWare, Virtual Console titles, and Wii Channel, as well as Wii System Transfer Tool, which transfers data from Wii to the Wii U system.” 

The Nintendo Wii was the follow-up machine to the Nitnendo GameCube, launched in September 2001. The Wii marked a turnaround in sales for Nintendo, as it appealed to wider audiences finding its motion controllers more accessible. As of writing, the latest numbers put the consoles sales at more than 101 million worldwide. 


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