See Mike and the Moonpies’ Clever ‘Road Crew’ Video

See Mike and the Moonpies’ Clever ‘Road Crew’ Video

Thursday, 04 January 2018
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Austin, Texas honky tonkers Mike and the Moonpies are the epitome of road dogs. It should come as no real surprise, then, that their latest song and music video shines a light on the unsung heroes of any touring band: the “Road Crew.”

From the band’s upcoming LP Steak Night at the Prairie Rose, “Road Crew” is barreling boogie that hums along like an 18 wheeler – apt when considering the roadie that Mike Harmeier sings about in the song is an ex-long haul trucker, among several other things. “He’s a rambler, a gambler, he just quit drinking. He’s on the road crew tonight, Harmeier sings. First ones in and last ones out, the roadies take of everything along the way, which the video cleverly illustrates by having the band members sitting around waiting for their instruments to be delivered so they can play their parts.

“This record is about the band,” Harmeier told Rolling Stone Country last November, when debuting the album’s  “Beaches of Biloxi.” “Everything you heard on this record is exactly what you’ll hear night after night at a Moonpies show.”

Steak Night at the Prairie Rose will be released February 2nd. Mike and the Moonpies play MusicFest at the Steamboat, taking place January 5th to 7th in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


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