See ‘SNL’ Parody ‘Black Panther’ With Deleted Scene

See ‘SNL’ Parody ‘Black Panther’ With Deleted Scene

Sunday, 11 March 2018
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Black Panther star Sterling K. Brown returned to Wakanda – albeit in a different role – in a Saturday Night Live sketch centering on a deleted scene from the Marvel blockbuster.

In the sketch, Chris Redd’s T’Challa travels to the mystical Djalia, where the souls of his ancestors reside. Generations of T’Challa bloodline speak to the Wakanda king, from Brown’s great-great-grandfather to the recently arrived Uncle M’butu played by Kenan Thompson.

“You know how my old lady is one of them bald warrior women who guard the king? The other night, I suggested maybe she wear a wig, you know, just to be playful. I said, ‘Damn woman, I’m tired of making love to Michael Jordan,'” Uncle M’butu told T’Challa. “That’s the last thing I remember.”

M’butu added, “And now I’m here in what I guess is heaven, but I have one question for y’all: Where’s the weed at?”

As M’butu keeps interrupting indispensable exposition and trying to force everyone to eat lion meat burgers, it becomes clear why this deleted scene didn’t make it into Black Panther.


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