See Mike Patton, DJ QBert Stage First Collaborative Shows in San Francisco

See Mike Patton, DJ QBert Stage First Collaborative Shows in San Francisco

Monday, 12 February 2018
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Faith No More‘s Mike Patton and master turntablist DJ QBert staged their first-ever collaboration this weekend in San Francisco, where the duo performed a pair of impromptu concerts at the city’s The Chapel venue.

Beastie Boys keyboardist Money Mark also appeared during the gigs, which occurred on little notice after the venue’s residency with Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy was postponed due to that singer’s passport issues.

“After having to reschedule the first few nights because of a delay in processing of Peter’s visa (he was coming from Turkey), today we were forced to reschedule the entire residency to June. There was no end in sight to the visa process, and we couldn’t, in good conscience, keep rescheduling,” a spokesperson for the venue told Rolling Stone.

“Enter Mike Patton and QBert – who have stepped in to absolutely save the day for us. We’re an independently owned and operated venue in SF (one of very few of our size in SF), so this move has some extremely serious implications for us.”

The collaboration – which sold out its Friday show that resulted in another gig Saturday – featured a mix of Patton tracks (including Peeping Tom’s “Your Neighborhood Spaceman” and “Sucker”), DJ QBert showcasing his World DJ Championship-winning skills as well as improvisations between the duo.

Check out more clips from the unique performance below:


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