“She is wonderful” by Edward Kabatsky

“She is wonderful” by Edward Kabatsky
“She is wonderful” by Edward Kabatsky

Song “She is wonderful” by Edward Kabatsky (a.k.a Ed Ka) “Она Милая”. In collaboration with Dmitry Strizhov as a part of trilogy album – “Live Bullet”, “Collection”, “Practical Man”. This song has been composed in 1997 and recorded in 1998 by Nick Caiano.
Ed Kabatsky (guitar, vocals), lyrics by Dimitry Strizhov.

The previous album “Collection” was recorded the same year and released on audio tapes. Today it can be listened on Bandcamp bit.ly/2XYKXv8.

Композиция “Она Милая” Эдуарда Кабацкого (а.к.а Эд Ка) на стихи Дмитрия Стрижoва. Вокал Эд Кабацкий, стихи Дмитрия Стрижoва.

Альбом “Коллекция’. был записан в том же 1997 году и выпущен на аудио-кассетах небольшим тиражом. Сегодня его можно послушать на Bandcamp bit.ly/2XYKXv8 В записи принимали участие уже известный по альбому “Лилит” Бориса Гребенщикова, Benny Kay.
Dmitry Strizhov
released September 22, 2020
Vocal: Ed Kabatsky
Lyrics: Dmitry Strizhov
Composed by: Ed Kabatsky
Sound Recording: Nick Caiano