Electrosteam #50 – Solo to Greenland – Live at Maker Park Radio 09/20/2019

Electrosteam #50 – Solo to Greenland – Live at Maker Park Radio 09/20/2019

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Video https://jamair.tv/video/50/

For audio only: https://soundcloud.com/electrosteam/ep50 Many of us go in live without ever fulfilling our dreams. Only very few are brave enough to follow their craziest dreams without looking back. This episode is dedicated to Captain “Alaska” – a person who sailed alone on a small yacht from New York (Staten Island) all the way to Greenland to port Nuuk. Covering roughly 1700 nautical miles in 50 days from July through August of this year. He recently returned back and shared with me his ship’s log, describing everyday of his difficult, dangerous and breathtaking journey. Join us tomorrow to meet @Stanislav and hear what he has to share with you. 2pm – 4pm EST at @MakerParkRadio (http://makerparkradio.nyc) or at https://jamair.tv/live Please ask us your question via Maker Park Radio website (chat tab is on the right side)

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