Electrosteam show (episode #9)

Maker Park Radio
02:00 pm - 04:00 pm
Electrosteam show (episode #9)
18 May
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Friends !

Its time for the next episode of Electrosteam show (#9) at MakerPark Radio – makerparkradio.nyc, coming up this Friday, May 18,2018 at 2pm EST. In this episode I will share with you the story of steam, mixed with part 2 of Russian electronica from the 90’s – 00’s and more…. 🙂 the rest we will unveil at the show. As usual I will share with you an update from Seapunks Group project. Hope to see you soon ! Cheers !!!

By the way yesterday May 16, 2018 was super exciting day Vince Clarke and Reed Hays came by to MakerParkRadio to do their episode of “The Synthesizor Show” – you should watch it, certainly was outstanding !!! Follow this link to view “The Synthesizer Show”: https://goo.gl/NiikaL

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