Experimental Poetry “To Whom It May Concern” by by Neomatik & Roman P

Experimental Poetry “To Whom It May Concern” by by Neomatik & Roman P

Monday, 30 November 2020
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“To whom it may concern” is an experimental collaboration between two expressive and creative participants. Roman Gadzhiev (a.k.a. Roman Partizan) is an active poet that speaks a thousand languages but always about one thing and has lengthy legacy of poetic endeavors. Ed Kabatsky (a.k.a. Neomatik) is in his usual spot: pushing magical keys and buttons of his favorite synths and drums machines. This is one of several recordings that has been done by this duet.
 To whom it may concern:
The truth is not given, it has to be found - answers are jewels of that treasure.
The question is a bow, the thought is an arrow, the target... Yet to be determined.
I have seen the eyes of desperation, pop up on the face of tomorrow,
But that's not what this poem is about.
I've learned that the moment is eternal, and sometimes it takes life time to realize.
I have seen God in action, I have seen Him dance.
When a man all dressed up in sorrow, with a fear sticking out of his mouth,
Pulls out a whistle and begins to sing.
How wounded heart heals, surrounded by thorns - it blooms.
Time is a whip and we all taste its bitterness.
Scars remind us that life is real, and pain is its essence.
That hardest thing to learn, is to let go.
I have seen the face of the Beast fall, and the face of the Man rise.
I realized that only dead know that the war is over.
That the best soldiers are given the toughest battles to fight.
That the brotherhood of man is a den of salvation.
Every victory is cursed.
The world is unjust, so I stop judging.
I found myself on a crossroads of Life and Death,
Taking a deep breath under the stars.
Under this sparks of light in the sky,
From which the Universe made.
Nowhere is now here.
I'm aware, therefore I exist.

Poetry by Roman P.
Music by Ed Kabatsky (a.k.a. Neomatik)


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