New  Single  – “Judge” by RIODINE BAND

New Single – “Judge” by RIODINE BAND

Saturday, 25 September 2021
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In the last months we have been posting about – Riodine Band & Neomatik. This is a new collaboration formed in late 2020 by Nicholas Kabatsky (keys), Alek Sleczkowski (guitars), Joseph Tidnall (drums), Justin Snyder (vocals) and Ed Kabatsky (vocals, producer).

In previous posts you may have seen another name Neomatik. Whose is that, right ? That is a stage name for Ed Kabatsky which he used for the past 25 years. Neomatik appeared on wide arrange of musical projects. Riodine band & Neomatik first single “Ranger Simon” is out now and available across all platforms. Their second single “Judge” is scheduled to be released worldwide on October 28. A full album “Practical Man” is scheduled to release shortly after that. Additionally, they are working on the music video for a new song “I remember” with help of IK Films – Music Videos Production – New York. Down the line a totally cool and unique collaboration with another band (follow our posts). So this seems to be an exciting fall for “RIODINE” & “NEOMATIK”. Stay tuned for future updates a lot of good music is on the way.

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About the project in Russian

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