Ethnodub from Staten Island

Ethnodub from Staten Island

Thursday, 31 December 2020
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This unique recording was made during live jam sessions of the ethno-electronic project “OnceIn” in winter of 2017 on Staten Island, NY. This group of musicians shared their love for world music, ethnic instruments and electronic beats. The project continues to produce music to this day and is working on new compositions as of 2020. Oleg was conducting this performance and playing drums at the same time. Rashid played jew’s harp on beat and from time to time sang out-of-this-world background vocal, while Dima was playing a beautiful flute and didgeridoo off-beat at the same time. Ed was turning knobs on his new Moog Mother 32 synth. Add this to your playlist for the New Year’s party !

Jewish Harp – Rashid Akmanov
Didgeridoo – Dmitry Klim
Drums – Oleg Tishina
Synths – Ed Kabatsky

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