Popcorn – remix by Neomatik

Popcorn – remix by Neomatik

Wednesday, 02 December 2020
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This track is a remix to a well known composition “Popcorn” (originally spelled “Pop Corn”) is an early synth-pop instrumental, composed by Gershon Kingsley (shown on the picture above) in 1969 and first appearing on his album Music to Moog By. It was recorded at the Audio Fidelity Records label in New York City. In 1972, a re-recording of “Popcorn” by the band Hot Butter was a huge hit in many countries. The track has since been covered by a great number of artists. The story of this version is very ironic. One day, I was entertaining my kids by playing different tunes to them on the keyboard. They liked when I played my version of this composition, so I decided to record this remix just for theirs playlist collection. Now it is time to share it with the world. My remix was recorded circa 2002, in New York City.

(Original Caption) Exciting New Instrument. New York: A new electronic instrument that looks like the biggest thing since the invention of the piano 260 years ago has really got the music industry excited. Inspiration for this excitement is the Moog, an electronic marvel-though it is monophonic-that can produce hundreds of sounds never heard before. And to strike chords, you several Moogs played by several musicians simultaneously. Here, composer-conductor Gershon Kinglsley demonstrates one of the instruments.

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