Springtime for Riodine

Springtime for Riodine

Wednesday, 24 March 2021
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During the last four months “Riodine” band has been actively recording, practicing, composing and arranging tracks for an upcoming debut album. This is a collaborative work of Ed Kabatsky (vocals/synths), Nick Kabatsky (piano/keys), Alek Sleczkowski (guitar) and Joseph Tindal (drums) – the core of the band. There are several more participants to the project they will be introduced at a later date. The studio work is lots of fun and it certainly takes time and effort to get where we want this record to be. In modern days, the idea of recording and releasing a full album is not hyper popular, many musicians and band choosing to release singles instead. This method is useful to prolong the momentum of new releases, by shooting out one song at the time. However, we are firm believers that a big painting should be presented in full, instead of bits, fragments and pieces. The band also realizes that certain minor musical details have to be more carefully crafted and accurately mixed till it’s done completely. Although the initial goal was to release the new album by spring of 2021 the actual date may be moved. After all, this work is not about being quick and rapid. This musical work is being made with approach for audience to listen and keep this record in their playlists for a long time. In the meantime, please  check out BandCamp.com for other music produced by Ed Kabatsky (a.k.a. Neomatik). 

Photo by Justin Snyder @j.snyderrr

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