12.20.2012  Roots & Trends 02: Re:Aquarium Part 2

12.20.2012 Roots & Trends 02: Re:Aquarium Part 2

Thursday, 20 December 2012

ROOTS & TRENDS is an informative live music and talk show hosted by M.D.MiX and Ed Ka exploring roots and trends of modern music while touching upon the news from the world of technology — from the cool new gadgets to space exploration. Our goal is not to exclusively define a style or a genre but rather provide a music lover with some reference points to help orient in an endless ocean of modern sound. We keep watching out for the latest trends and observing the way they surface and grow from deeply respected roots. To us this experience is very educational as we learn great many interesting facts and details when preparing for each of our shows, and we’re happy to share them with our listeners.
This show is dedicated to “Re:Aquarium 4000” project organized by two Russian portals, Lenta.ru and Kroogi.com and dedicated to the “4000th” anniversary of Russian rock legends AQUARIUM. As part of this project, various bands and artists from Russia and all around the globe recorded covers to Aquarium songs in widest variety of styles and genres. In this show, we play and discuss selected covers back-to-back with their original counterparts. Featured artists: NAIK BORZOV, ZORGE, MUJUICE, KONEC FIL’MA, INTERZONA and many others…

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