See Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Lonely ‘Not in Love We’re Just High’ Clip

See Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Lonely ‘Not in Love We’re Just High’ Clip

Tuesday, 27 February 2018
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A couple learn that their affection is just a chemical illusion in Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s new song “We’re Not in Love We’re Just High.” The track is set to appear on Sex and Food, the band’s new album, out April 6th.

“We’re Not in Love We’re Just High” builds around a simple chord cycle played on a Wurlitzer electric piano amid distant finger snaps. The animated clip for the track is similarly static, focusing on a pair of hands at the piano. Towards the end of the song, as the drums become more intense, the camera pans to show that the lonely keyboardist is serenading a completely empty dance floor. When the camera spins back to the piano, the player is gone; only a spilled drink remains. 

Sex and Food marks Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s fourth studio LP. “[The album] was recorded in Hanoi, Vietnam during monsoon season in a studio built for traditional Vietnamese music,” singer Ruban Nielson explained in a statement. “Additional recording was done in Mexico City, but our sessions were interrupted by one of the devastating earthquakes that occurred there last year. As we slept in the Parque de Mexico, unable to get back to our Airbnb, we heard a man yell ‘viva la Mexico!’ and I put this in the song out of respect for them.” Sessions also took place in Seoul, South Korea, Reykjavik, Iceland, Aukland, New Zealand and Portland.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra will embark on an extensive tour of the U.S. and Europe over the summer in support of the album. 


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