Clear sound matters

Clear sound matters

Saturday, 13 February 2021
Music News

Working at the studio with real analog gear versus virtual environment requires dealing with wires, analog racks and modules and everything that comes with such. At “Riodine” band studio some gear is using old fashion tubes that usually found in older equipment.

Sovtek Tubes 6C33C

Although the warms of the analog sound is awesome, tubes can be troublesome too. Maintenance will be required and some patience too. As tubes can introduce hum sound and noise, good habit of replacing them from time to time helps. There are a few ways that can be applied to resolve the noise or also known as ground loop. When using clever mixing techniques such artifacts can be hidden, while some producers may wish to leave the noise as it adds an interesting flavor to the mix. However, if recording needs to be crystal clear and all the obvious check points have been checked; using good cables, fixing power supplies and adapters. The next option in line is getting a Hum Eliminator device that could solve the issue of 60hz hum noise. Check the video attached to hear the difference. Hope this little tip will be useful in your musical journey.

Photo by Justin Snyder @j.snyderrr

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